Here are some projects we could especially appreciate donations towards:

Bearded Dragon Enclosure:

$25 / $300

The bearded dragons could use renovated enclosures. We’d like to keep one simple as an example that anyone could build, but make the other a bit fancier, with fake rock walls and possibly some habitat-appropriate plants – we’re currently doing this on a smaller scale for the leopard geckos. Sheldon’s aquarium is functional but a bit beat up, especially on the lid, so it would be nice to replace it entirely to go with the upgrade. Total costs would be around $200-300.

Terrarium Shelf:

$0 / $100

We need two shelves to hold additional terrariums – one for the animal room so that we’ll be able to house more exhibits, and we’ll need another for the eventual dart frog display. Each shelf will cost around $100.

Dart Frog Display:

$0 / $350

In addition to the shelf for the dart frogs, we’re going to need light bulbs and fixtures appropriate for densely planted tanks; this will cost around $250, so the total cost to start bringing in additional dart frog tanks will be around $350, including shelving.

Fowler's Toad Tank:

$0 / $150

The Fowler’s toad needs a proper aquarium; he’s not very visible at the moment and his current tank isn’t interesting or natural. A ten gallon tank with a lid and light, plus substrate, construction materials, and live plants will probably cost $100; a larger, 20 gallon tank would look nicer and would cost around $150.


$0 / $250

We’d like to build a formicarium, an ant farm. We already have a queen ant with brood in a temporary setup, but we need something suitable to display them; the cheap Uncle Milton’s ant farms and similar designs don’t really work for long term habitation. There is a commercial formicarium available for $189; we may also need some additional money to build a display to ensure that tubes don’t accidentally get removed.

Newt Exhibit:

$0 / $100

We’d like to get some temperature tolerant newts into the animal room; end cost should be roughly $75-100 for materials, filter, and plants.

We could also use any aquariums in good condition, if anyone has unused tanks they don’t want anymore; at some point, we’ll be able to find something to put in them Especially useful are screen lids and lighted hoods – there are frequent sales on aquariums, but only occasionally on tops.