Spartanburg Science Center Grade Level Classes

Grade Level Programs

The John F. Green Spartanburg Science Center offers programs in all major fields of science.   All programs are hands-on, student-participatory programs.  Programs can be held in schools/classrooms, or at the Spartanburg Science Center.  Field trips to local natural habitats can also be arranged.  The Spartanburg Science Center is designed to fascinate the minds of the curious and to excite the imagination of all ages.  All programs can be modified to meet the science standards, instructional goals, and learning styles of students.

Exhibits and Resource Materials at the Science Center include: Rocks & Minerals, Fossils, Electricity, Astronomy, Insects, Animals, Health Resources, The Human Body, Live Reptiles/Amphibians (many species of both exotic & native), and Hands-on interactive exhibits.

Available Grade Level Programs

Available Grade Level Programs

We also do custom programs by request according to state standards.

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Water Programs

  • Water for All: the water cycle and how rain, surface water, and ground water become our drinking water. The program will focus on how our smart use of water ensures that wildlife and forests will have the water they need to thrive. Length: 45 minutes
  • The Water Cycle: explore different ways in which rain water is harvested such as aquifers and groundwater and how groundwater and rainwater help recharge our lakes; length: 45 minutes

 To schedule a program please call the John F. Green Science Center at (864) 583-2777.

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STARLAB® is an incredibly precise, interactive and exciting planetarium. The innovative design of this highly durable and portable dome creates an ideal environment for hands-on, minds-on activities. The StarLab shows vivid demonstrations of the night sky. The rotating projector displays the paths of the planets, moon, and stars and shows the sky as the night goes on and seasons change.  StarLab programs can be used to help meet grade level science standards.

  • Space Required: a room at least 11 ft. high, 30 ft. x 30 ft. wide.  Large rooms such as multipurpose rooms, cafeterias, or unused rooms work best.  Darker rooms are optimal – if the room is too bright, this can affect visibility inside the planetarium.
  • Capacity: StarLab holds 25 students.
  • Program Length: Minimum of one hour – please also allow thirty minutes before and after the program for setup.
  • Fees: $150 (first hour of programs and setup), $75 for each additional hour.
  • Available Programs: Typical programs cover various space facts and then an overview of constellations, but can be tailored to grade level and standards.

 To schedule a program please email us at or call the John F. Green Science Center at (864) 583-2777.

Field Trips

Field trips to local natural areas in Spartanburg County such as Tyger-10 Nature Park, Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve, Cottonwood Trail, Glendale Shoals Preserve, and Camp Croft State Park are available. The location of the field trip can be arranged by you or the Science Center staff.   The program/walk/hike is led by a Spartanburg Science Center education specialist.

Field Trip Fees: $110.00 per hour

To schedule a field trip please call the John F. Green Science Center at (864) 583-2777 or email us at

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